Revival Social Dinner

This is the beginning of something

Welcome to the Revival!

We finished our first dinner about a month ago and since then, I have been working on this webpage, making sure that the proper bills are paid and--most importantly--the funding we raised made it to the proper authorities. So, thank you to each and every person who participated in the first event! 

We here at R.S.D. are all about helping out, helping up and starting conversations.

Food unites us. We all have to eat, and when we all eat well, it fosters a sense of community, of oneness, and that allows us to effectively talk. 

Very soon, we will become a movement; we will become a light in this darkening world, and we will become a voice for those who are in the middle of the room while each side shouts at each other. 

We will be our own Revival!

Much love,